Copying my Gmail account to a new “Gmail for your Domain” account

I recently got accepted for the beta of “Gmail for your Domain” – a service that allows you to have professional email addresses like instead of coolbob123@

Then came the problem of over 6000 emails that I had in my current Gmail account that I now wanted in my new Gmail account. How to migrate the emails? I was surprised that I got so many good answers when I searched “migrating gmail account”. I ended up trying variations of all the solutions given in the top 3-4 results, but they all ended up being too complicated, not working, etc.

Because it was such a pain, I thought I’d share my solution. I finally ended up using Mark Lyon’s GMail Loader (GML), which is by far the best utility out there for it.

I had to do the following:

  • Download my mail from my old Gmail account into clean account in OutlookExpress
  • Find out where OutlookExpress was storing my mail (Tools -> Options -> Maintenance -> Store Folder)
  • Go to that location and copy the .dbx file (and place it somewhere I could locate it easily) I wanted to upload to my new Gmail (inbox.dbx) in my case
  • Download a utility called DBXConv and run it on my newly acquired dbx file. It’s a command line utility so I simply had to run “dbxconv inbox.dbx” and it converted it to the much more agreable mbx format.
  • Run the Gmail Loader
  • It didn’t work right away for me. The default SMTP server doesn’t work. I then made the mistake of assuming that Google had disabled all their SMTP servers that would work with a program like this. I then tried my ISP’s SMTP, my web host’s SMTP, and several other SMTP’s. They all didn’t work (I think because they all didn’t allow open relays or something.). If I had read the instructions all the way, however :), I would have done what he suggested and it would have worked without all the extra flailing. I did what he said and I used’s mx tool to find a working Google SMTP server, entered that in and it worked!!
  • Now all that was left was to upload the 6,000+ emails, which ended up taking about 10 hours. Good thing it was a three day weekend!


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    Hi guys…
    anyone else on gmail having problems ?
    gmail is fine on adsl, but on my 3g card i can surf net no problem, talk on google talk no problem, but i cannot reply to any gmail mail. also cannot compose and send attachments. can recieve mail fine.
    thought it was my beta firefox im using so tried IE but still same problem.
    sometimes can reply to a mail but not always, especially if there is an attachment in it…
    but gmail is fine on adsl so i know its not gmail themselves. 2 friends have also complained about their gmail on 3g today..

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    Hey Quincy,

    The problem is most likely that your domain administrator hasn’t finished setting up the domain in the account admin section yet. Have someone with admin privileges go in and complete the set up and you should be able to send and receive just fine.



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    Hello Quincy,
    I’m also using this Gmail’s new Concept.:)

    I’ve tried your Permalink in IIS Plugin….
    It doesn’t work…i’ve
    When i use the format /%index.php%/%postname%/
    It works…but when i use.
    On every click it only displays the main page…Plz help.
    If possible plz email me…
    Thank you

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