Calendar Sync with the IPhone for Google Apps for Domains

Google just released a new feature – iPhone sync for Google Calendar! That was the first thing I tried to do when I got my iPhone. I ended up using a workaround through It worked perfectly and thus I was a little hesitant to try the official version out. The little banner at the top of my Google Calendar homepage, finally got to me though:

I had to try it out.

I went through all of the steps, but it the instructions didn’t work! It appeared that it worked perfectly for regular google calendar owners, but when you used Google Apps for Domains it didn’t work.

It took several hours of searching to finally figure out what was going on. The Mobile Sync wasn’t enabled in my Google Apps account. But also, I didn’t even have the ability to enable it! Here are the steps that I had to take to get Calendar Sync working for my Google Apps for Domains account:

1. Go to Domain Settings at the top:

2. All the way at the bottom, make sure that your control panel has Next Generation selected.

3. Now, go over to Service Settings on the top right. You’ll now have a “Mobile” option. This wasn’t there for me until I selected “Next Generation” in the control panel section.

4. Enable the Sync and you’re off. The original instructions link should now work perfectly!


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    Thank you so much for your instructions for Google Apps users. Who knows how long it would have taken me to figure out on my own!

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