Javascript not loading using AJAX for ASP.NET

Microsoft came out with an AJAX library for use with ASP.NET 2.0. They have a great support website located at Lots of great videos and it works easily when you create a new website from scratch.

I ran into trouble when trying to use their AJAX library with an existing website. It wouldn’t give me any errors, the javascript just wouldn’t work with any of the AJAX controls. It was as if the AJAX didn’t exist!

After about an hour of searching and head scratching I figured that it must be web.config’s fault. I found a page that talks about updating your web.config for integrating the AJAX library into your site. Here it is:

I followed all the directions and like magic, my site works with AJAX now! Phew.

Google Adds Geocoding Feature to Google Maps API

This is an update to a previous post where I lamented on Google’s lack of a geocoding feature in their Google Maps API. I suggested that you combine Yahoo’s Geocoding API with Google’s to get the functionality that you might need.

They just added a Geocoding feature to their API, though! Here’s an article that goes more into it:

Here’s the Official Google Maps API Blog Post:

Google Web Toolkit

Wow, Google just released an AJAX programming tool called the Google Web Toolkit.

It is a AJAX development environment that allows you to easily develop applications like Google Maps and GMail. The language is Java (not javascript), althought it ends up outputting a mixture of javascript and HTML when you “compile” it.

I don’t know much of Java, but this has peaked my interest. I’m definitely going to be playing around with this one.