WordPress on IIS7 can’t install themes or plugins automatically

WordPress has an awesome feature where it can automatically upgrade itself, install themes and plugins, etc. It works fantastically on all apache and lamp installations I’ve played with, but never on Windows with IIS.

I recently upgraded to IIS7 and it was still giving me errors when trying to upgrade, install plugins, etc.

I realized that it just didn’t have write access to the file system so it couldn’t download the new files. To fix this, I added the user IIS_WPG to my wp-content directory with write permissions and immediately it worked. The full step by step went:

1. In file explorer, right click on the wp-content directory. Select Properties.

2. Select the Security Tab.

3. Click Edit.

4. Click Add

5. Type IIS_WPG, click Check Names. It should format it.

6. Uncheck Execute, check, Write and Read.

7. Click Apply.

You’re done!

It should work now.

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What is Scientology?

Scientology has come up in the media a lot recently as a source of controversy, and I’m often surprised at how many people are thus curious about it but don’t have anywhere to turn to.

I recently found a blog that is offering to answer people’s questions about it. The author is a Scientologist. I read through quite a bit of the site he seems to be doing a good job of accurately representing what the church is all about.

Take a look. Here’s the link: Answering Questions about Scientology

And of course, you can visit the official sites here:

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ScribeFire Firefox Plugin

I was reading the blogosphere recently and found blogging tool I thought worth mentioning. ScribeFire is a Firefox plugin  that simplifies the blog posting experience.

Check it out here.

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Great PSAs for “The Way To Happiness”

A friend of mine is a director and he recently directed 21 PSAs for the moral code, The Way To Happiness. His PSAs are a work of art, and I’m amazed by a few of them. Very nicely put. Here’s the first few:

Click here to view other Public Service Announcements

Click here to view other Public Service Announcements

Click here to view other Public Service Announcements

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Making Your Amazon AStore Search Engine Friendly

Amazon AStoreAmazon just recently released a new beta tool for their associates (affiliates). It’s called Amazon AStore.

It allows you to build your own customizable store. This is what a store looks like:

The things I like about it are:

  • It’s simple and easy to set up. Mine took less than 5 minutes.
  • It allows you to feature products on the homepage and add your own descriptions to them.
  • You can add your own logo and customize the color scheme.

Unfortunately, one of the first things you’ll notice is where the store is located. It is hosted on Amazon’s servers. To use or promote the store you are stuck with three options.

These descriptions are taken directly from Amazon’s page:

Link to your aStore as a stand-alone site
Make your aStore a stand-alone section of your Web site by adding a “Store” link to your main site navigation bar that links directly to your new store. This is the easiest way to integrate your aStore; however, it will appear to your users as if they are leaving your website when visiting your store.
Link to the Store
Embed your aStore using an inline frame
An inline frame is a great way to embed your aStore into any existing or new page on your Web site. This method of embedding your aStore will appear to your visitors as if the aStore is part of your site and enable them to shop without leaving your site.
Integrate your aStore using a frameset
Frame your aStore into your Web site using a frameset by placing your aStore in one frame and your Web site’s navigation in another frame. This method of embeding your store will also be appear to your visitors as if the store is part of your Web site and enable them to shop without leaving your site.

You’ll notice that none of the options are search engine friendly. Search engines treat frames and iframes as links, simply following them rather than thinking of it as part of your site. If it were possible to make it part of your site, it would allow you to rank your Amazon category and product detail pages in the search engines separately.

I’ve recently come up with a solution whereby you can have your AStore hosted on your own domain and fully indexable by the search engines. Here is my first store:

Would you be interested in this solution?

How important is it to be able to customize the headers and footers (outside of the customization allowed by Amazon)?

If enough people are interested, I’ll make it available for download.


Digg Blog Integration Improvements

DiggAccording to Digg’s blog, they’ve just released a blog widget that allows you to show the number of diggs a current story has received.

This will be a great tool to increase the number of diggs your story can receive. It looks fairly easy to implement as well:

-Digg Story Button
Once your story has been successfully submitted you can now display the number of diggs and allow users to digg your content directly by using the…

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